Log Cabin with a Twist

Dear Followers,

I regret to inform you that the creator of the Paradigm Shift pattern that was published in America Makes Fast Quilts contacted me and requested that I remove ALL of my Paradigm Shift tutorials.  I was unaware from the magazine article that the pattern was for sale on her website or that I was infringing on a copyright.  Even though the magazine was cited and I suggested a compromise that would leave the integrity of the pattern intact and would allow the tutorials to stay up, she declined.  All of the material regarding common quilting techniques such as chain stitching, matching seams, pinning, spraying, quilting and binding will be re-worked and will re-appear shortly under  How It’s Done.

I am sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused you and I look forward to bringing you different and more interesting tutorials in the future.

Even though this post is no longer available take a look around; I have a bunch of other fun and easy to do tutorials that you can find inspiration in!

3 thoughts on “Log Cabin with a Twist

  1. I have searched and searched for the next part of this….the final blocks and layout for the final quilt assembly and cannot find it. Please help?!?!?! Thank you!

    • Hi Laura,
      I am so so sorry. I am still working on the next part…literally as we speak. I am learning as I go and with that comes a valuable lesson that I need to create all posts before releasing. I should have the next post up later tonight or tomorrow, but it won’t be through the full quilt stage. It will be a little more in-depth regarding the black on white blocks. Hopefully you can stick with me to the end. Thank you for following! You can also email me at designsbydelaney@hotmail.com if you have any specific questions further along and I will try to help.

      • Oh ok, great! I am so sorry….I was so excited about the pattern that I didn’t even realize it was a new post!🙂

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