Happy Birthday…to ME!

Hey Everyone!

Yes, it is that time of year when I add another digit to the question “How many are you?”.  You might be asking “great, what does this have to do with quilting?” Ah, but it is oh so simple. My family could quite possibly be the best family in the world. I received not one, not two, but three gift cards to quilting related places!  That is great news because now I can ‘beef up’ my arsenal of supplies and I intend to show you each one, where I got it and why I bought it.

First up,  image.  I love this website because they offer modern fabrics at reasonable prices. Plus I can get dessert rolls, jelly rolls and layer cakes to satisfy all of my quilting needs. I love those items because all the fabrics are already pre-selected to go together. No stress (remember?).  My goal with this gift certificate is to score an awesome layer cake for my next endeavor. Don’t worry I haven’t forgot about our paradigm shift (my next tutorial post will be up very soon.)  Ready to see what I have purchased? Here you go!


I got the above layer cake! This fabric collage will be used to make my grandmother a wonderful Christmas quilt.  When I started quilting again I realized I have never actually made my grandmother a quilt. So, what better way to repay her for all the years of love and quilting knowledge? This is also a sneak peek into our next project.  Pattern to follow so stay tuned!

Next up, image.  This is my go to shop for fabric deals and all of my quilting accessories.  This store is a great place for batting, thread, templates, binding and backing fabric.  Essentially this is where I go for the basics.  I’m excited to stock up on all things quilting related. I’m equally excited to add them to my quilting corner! What is a quilting corner? Ah, well everyone should have one. For me it is my organizational space housed in the walk-in closet in my craft/gym/office/guest bedroom. (see why it is in the closet? Smile ) Many of the ideas I used to put it together can be found on my Closet Craft Corner board on Pinterest.  While you’re at it you can follow my Quilting Board too!

Since I have to wait for the plastic cards in the mail I thought I would ask for your suggestions. What are some essential tools that I should pick up? (leave me a comment…)  Keep in mind I only have $125 to spend and want to maximize my bang-for-my-buck!

Okay, enough yammering on about plans and purchases! Get back to quilting! I know I need to finish up some white squares for you!!


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