Puzzle Piece Quilt–For Gabe

Almost 2 years ago my dear friend Jenny announced that she was going to have her first-born; an adorable baby boy named Gabriel.  Well, I decided that he needed an everyday quilt so I began working. I found this pattern on pinterest and thought it would be a great baby quilt with so many possibilities.  You can get it from eQuiltPatterns.com


Jenny, like me, grew up in rural Montana. She, however, grew up on a ranch and her and her husband now run one of their own.  She told me Gabe’s nursery would be a cowboy theme, but I could not find any cowboy prints to my liking.  Plus, like I said I wanted this to be an every day, park sitting, drag along quilt so when I found this John Deere fabric I knew it would be perfect. 


Since this quilt was created pre-NotMyGrandmasQuilts.com there isn’t a tutorial, but this quilt could not be easier. The key is making sure all the blocks are laid out correctly before starting. That is where our photo finish method comes in handy. Smile

I may complete another one of these for my Etsy Shop, but there are already 2 more quilts on the tutorial docket first…one of which is Jenny’s 2nd baby’s quilt. She’s due in March with a baby girl! So excited! There will definitely be a tutorial for that one.

I will leave you with a few more photos of this quilt. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Leave a comment or send a private note.


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