Introducing….Our Next Project! Yea for the Supernova!

I hope everyone enjoyed our Log Cabin with a Twist project (Paradigm Shift).  I am so happy with how it came together, but can’t wait to get started on our next project.  As I have mentioned my father’s birthday is January 21st so in lieu of a Christmas quilt he will be getting a Birthday quilt.  He loves the colors blue and gray and, well, he was born in the 40’s and was in college in the 60’s so I know he will love a blue/gray Batik Quilt.  This one should go up fast and looks way harder than it is. 


Supply List:

      • Supernova Pattern from Fat Quarter Shop
      • 1 Jelly Roll, Bali Pop or 40: 2/1”x 42” Strips of fabric
      • 1 yd white or neutral fabric
      • 3 1/2 yds for backing
      • 1/2 yd for binding
      • If you want your backing and binding to match you can just get 4 yards of your backing.
      • Batting

Here are the grays for my quilt. I think it will turn out really great! The backing fabric is on the bottom and then my ‘white/neutral’ is the light blue with the dots. I.Cannot.Wait.To.Get.Started!


Our first post will be up next week, in the mean time enjoy Thanksgiving with your families and friends. I will also be posting a list of upcoming projects through Mother’s day so you can see what you have to look forward too.


2 thoughts on “Introducing….Our Next Project! Yea for the Supernova!

  1. I’m very new at quilting and would like to know how big is this quilt? Would I need to make any adjustments for a queen size quilt?

    • Hi Lynette!
      This quilt ended up being 56″x 56″ so a little over 4.5’x 4.5′. It is really more of a lap quilt for watching TV, etc. For a queen sized quilt the standard measurement is 60″x 80″ or 5’x 6.6′. What I would suggest would be to buy 2 Jelly Rolls and just add 1-2 more rows (your preference). You will have left over Jelly Roll strips so I would add a border along the edge to get you the extra 4″ inches you would need to his 60″. I’m excited to hear how it goes if you pick this pattern! Please keep me updated and feel free to ask any questions along your journey! Welcome to quilting! You will love it!

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