Work Surface Wall

Happy Wednesday!

Last week while I was figuring out my tutorial schedule something hit me. You may not know, but I try to post once a week with a new tutorial for the specific project we are working on at that time.  Well, as I was jotting down ideas it hit me; why not have a miscellaneous post on Wednesdays too?  That way I can veer ever so slightly off topic without losing form or function.  So here it is my first ever miscellaneous post.  I hope you like it (them)!

For any of you who have pets you know how hard it is to lay out a quilt without a furry visitor not to mention the hair problems also associated with this task (gross, but true). We also know that many quilters have walls where they put their quilts up to arrange patterns etc.

Well, I try to stay budget friendly and get the most bang for my buck so this past weekend when all the stores were having their black Friday specials I picked up 2 yards of 72” wide batting.  Now once you see this you are going to think “That’s the simplest thing ever!” Exactly! I literally hung up the batting on my wall using push-pins and it has changed my life. I can leave quilts up without packing them in and out of containers daily and I can re-arrange ideas without crawling all over my floor.  Plus this gives me the opportunity to take a step back and look precisely at my quilt…at eye level.

While it is still in a very primitive form I do have plans to frame it out with molding, but until then it will work just fine. Total cost you ask? $9.58 No Joke! Yes, it was on sale, but JoAnn’s usually has some sort of coupon to use so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get it on sale too.

Here is a small sneak peek into Sunday’s post, but look at how neat it is to see the combinations hanging up.  As an added bonus it is much easier for me to take photos for you! Yea! Open-mouthed smile

Hopefully, you have a craft room with a little space to give this a try. Let me know how it goes. Have a great rest of your week! See you Sunday!


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