Supernova–Step One–Layout and Block Assembly

Well Hello Everyone!  Are you ready to get this next quilt started? I know I am. I opened up the Bali Pop and could not be more excited to get started. My dad is going to love this….and by love this I mean best daughter of the year award is on lock (side note: I win every year since I am his only daughter, but still…)

Today we will be going over layout and assembly of the rows for the Supernova quilt.  I think this will go up super fast, but will dazzle anyone who isn’t a quilter (that’s exactly what we all like to do, isn’t it?) Let’s put my batting wall to work; what do you say?

Here’s what you will need for today:

  • Bali Pop, Jelly Roll or 30 – 42 x 2 1/2” strips of Fabric
  • Thread
  • Pinking Shears
  • Space to layout

Don’t panic. We will be going over the cutting out of the triangles in a separate post. Today I want to focus on the block assembly and then we will tackle the white fabric and the remaining 10 strips.


Time to lay out all the strips. In order to get the 25 – 10 1/2” blocks we will need 6 sets of 5 rows. The great thing about this wall is that it is Baxter free and I can lay items out, step back and make adjustments. Here’s how I laid mine out (don’t you just love Vine? Don’t judge though, it was my first…ever.) I chose to keep the lighter fabrics of the Pacific Bali Pop out of the quilt at this time. They may or may not show up in the border fabrics, but we’ll see.  (okay so for some reason it won’t embed properly…I’ll keep trying 🙂 )


Now that your rows are laid out in the colors combinations that you want it is time to get assembling. This is super easy. Simply sew the strips together in bunches of 5. Line up the top when you stitch; the bottoms will be uneven, but we will deal with that in a bit. 


Remember 1/4” seam and pink it when done if your fabric is already starting to fray.  I’m using a navy blue thread on this one.  After our Paradigm Shift quilt I am so happy to be able to just use one color again.  The pattern says to make 10 1/2” x 10 1/2” squares so you will want to make sure that you set your seams appropriately. (This just means a good press; Flat and straight) Remember to press towards the darker color.


Measure from the straight edge making sure that your end product will be square.  Use your rotary cutter and cut. You should get at least 4 squares per strip.



Now is the fun part. Let’s lay out how we want the ‘diamonds’ to be. Even without the borders this is looking fantastic! Since I used a Bali Pop that included some really light pieces I chose to amend the center block out of necessity. See by pulling all of those pieces I ended up a block short.  Can you spot the difference? Okay I’m sure you can, but I think it gives it a little unique flair, don’t you? Any guesses what I did? You are correct, I sewed three of the strip remnants together to make one square.


Are you ready to cut out the borders/white on white pieces? Me too! Stay tuned, next Sunday they will be up and ready to go.  



2 thoughts on “Supernova–Step One–Layout and Block Assembly

  1. Though I’m currently not sewing along (too many Christmas gifts to finish…), I will definitely try this layout later. It looks great while being relatively easy (I hope 😉 ) Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Thank you for the comment. I know what you mean about Christmas gifts, I still have a bunch too. It is going up way faster than I thought. This one is fun!

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