Supernova–Step 2 Cutting the Triangles.

Hello There!

I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m not sure why they go so fast, but they do and before I know it I will be fighting traffic again.  Are you ready to cut out the triangles? Well, without further ado let’s go!

One item I will mention before we get started is that you will see a different ‘white on white’ fabric used for the tutorial than the final product.  I will explain this later.  It is a lesson in adapting and not getting locked in to one idea.

From this point forward I will be referring to items as Piece A and Piece B and Piece C and Piece D.  Piece C & D are the triangles which I did not list here because it is pretty clear which ones are the triangles and which are not.


Here is what you will have in the end:

  • Piece A – (6) 5-3/8” Squares (cut in half diagonally for 12 small triangle pieces)
  • Piece B – (12)  11-1/2” x 2-1/2” Strips
  • Piece C – (12) 15-3/8” x 2-1/2” Strips
  • Piece D – (2) 7-7/8” Squares (cut in half diagonally for 4 Corner Triangles)

Step 1 – Cutting out Piece B:

Do you remember when I said I pulled all the light-colored pieces from the Bali Pop?  These pieces are now the middle of our border triangle and will create a white frame.   The first thing you will want to do is to make sure these jelly rolls are true; meaning the ends are square.


Next, cut each of them to 11-1/2” lengthwise (not sure how else you would Smile).  I did the first one solo and then started doubling up fabric as I went which sped up the process immensely.


Step 2 – Cutting out Piece C:

My white on white was cut off of the bolt per the 1 yard requirement in the pattern.  You will want to press the fabric and cut it true before you begin.  Don’t worry we won’t use the full yard. In, fact We might get away with 1/2-3/4 of a yard.  Once true, cut the fabric in 2-1/2” strips. The fabric is 45” wide so 45/11.5 = 3.91… meaning that we can get almost 4 strips out of this one cut. That means we only have to cut 4 rows. Why not just 3 since 4*3= 12 and that’s what we need.  Well as I mentioned we get almost 4 out of the strip so the final piece will be just shy of 11.5” and in quilting it must be exact.


Once you have cut your 4 rows of strips you can cut them into 15-3/8” pieces. I doubled mine up per below.  My general rule is no more than 4-6 per cut when layering and you MUST have a sharp blade.


Step 3 – Cutting out Piece A & Piece D (Triangles):

Repeat the same method used for the 15-3/8” strips, but this time cut them into 5-3/8” squares. Make sure your end are true. You need 6 squares total.

(There is an angle on this shot that will cause it to not look true.  Perhaps I need a helmet camera)

Now, cut out Piece D which are squares that are 7-7/8” x 7-7/8” using the same method as above. You only need 2 of these squares and since your fabric is folded over you only need to cut one time.
Step 4 – Creating the Triangles:
In order to get the triangles we need they have to be cut in half along the diagonal.

Step 5 – Cut Piece B & Piece C in to Trapezoids:

You may or may not have wondered while we are doing this how we are going to make strips into a triangle, well it is time to solve the mystery.  It is really much more simple than you might be thinking. We are just going to take a 45o angle from each side. Easy, right? Here.we.go…Oh yeah, if you don’t remember a trapezoid is a shape with 4 sides where at least two of the sides run parallel. 


Here they are all laid out on my work surface wall.


When I did this, I took a step back and thought “oh man, I do not like that.” So, instead of pushing on with the fabric I chose I went to plan B.  I decided to use some of the backing fabric for the ‘white on white’.  There is no rule that it actually has to be white.  Here it is with the new triangles.


See what a difference that makes? I don’t know about you, but now I am in love with this quilt. Sometimes you have to make changes mid-stream and that is okay.  Needless to say I will be making another trip to Holly’s Quilt Cabin for my binding, but at least I am working on something I am proud of now.

Remember that these projects should be fun and stress free! Have a great day!

Until we meet again,


Oh and since my batting wall has been up Baxter hasn’t been meddling as much. So here is just a shot of him lounging to remind you of what he looks like. (don’t worry he is still attacking thread as I throw it in the garbage.)



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