Hot Bowl Hot Pad

Happy Wednesday!

How many times have you tried to heat up a bowl of soup in the microwave only to have the bowl be physically too hot to grab? Exactly, ouch! If you are anything like me a small series of events occur wherein you attempt to pull your soup out with one or two pot holders only to find that you accidentally have dirtied your potholder with chicken noodles or tomato bisque. When my mom & were browsing Patchwork Quilts during my most recent visit to Montana my mom pointed out a pattern and a light bulb went off. I practically screamed and said ‘oh my gosh I have needed something like that! I keep spilling soup!’ Side note, something you should know….I’m clumsy, but don’t like to admit it. Needless to say my mother was not shocked by this statement.

They are called Hot Bowl Hot Pads and let me tell you they are super easy and you can have tons of fun with this. 


You can get the pattern Whistlepig Creek Productions in Arvada, CO.  They are being very gracious in letting me write this post so please check out the pattern as well as all of their other goodies. On a side note, how great is it that I found a pattern in my home state from my new ‘home’ state? (Sorry Colorado, Montana will always be home, but I still love you.) Needless to say we picked up the pattern and made it our ‘girl time’ Saturday afternoon project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 Fat Quarters. (I chose three different ones, but it is up to you what you do. That’s the beauty of being creative.) 
  • Cotton Batting aka Potato Batting (This is important as it is 100% cotton batting. Other batting contains synthetic fibers which can ignite in the microwave. Eek! I have a potato bag ignition story from 2009, but we won’t get into that now.)
  • Fabric for binding (if you make a bag 12” or smaller you will have enough left over fabric for this. But again, go wild if you want to add more colors)
  • Plastic/Vinyl backing for splash guard (optional, but recommended)
  • Thread, scissors, iron, all the usual suspects

My mom and I have different styles. I chose a more 50’s mid-century modern theme and she chose a more country theme with chickens and sunflowers. See below…how cute are these??

photo (7)photo (4)photo (5)photo (6)photo (3)


FYI we chose to make the square bowls. There are round bowl options too.  The great thing about this project is it will allow you to have fun and try out some different quilting techniques.  It is great for practicing quilting squiggles, or designs as well as the ever important task of binding.  This would also be a great project for new ‘little’ quilters/sewers too! (I learned to sew with my mom showing me the almighty pillow and then the infamous 9-patch listed in About Me.

Here are some quilting designs I tried recently:


As you can see you can have fun with this and try out some of those stitches you never use on your machine! Plus be creative. No one says it has to be perfect.

Here is a word of advice when sewing these: do not trim your darts before you have sewn; trust me it just never works out quite right. Plus I tried and my mom (yelled at me) kindly reminded me it doesn’t work and she quoted a 1994 Make it Yourself with Wool Contest incident that made me remember just why you can’t trim darts before sewing them. 

Look at another one of my finished bowls (this time without the binding):

I think these are pretty neat, plus we brainstormed other uses. They can hold warm rolls at Christmas dinner or other special occasions. You could put hot dishes in them on a buffet to keep items slightly warm. One of my colleagues at work said he would devise a pouch for the bottom with the neck warmer rice in it so you could keep food warmer longer. Whatever the use it is nice to know they are machine washable (maybe don’t dry the plastic top?) and I won’t be suffering from steam burns or ‘too hot’ bowl splatters any more.  The fun thing about this project is that it is 100% reversible. My mom may feel like having sunflowers on the bottom one day or chickens the next.

Remember keep it fun and stress free! Enjoy your new bowl and try not to make too many (I think the record is 50 as gifts. That’s how many the quilt store owner said she made last year. Whaaa? My thoughts exactly. Everything in moderation! Winking smile)

Until our next chat,


ps Here are some other fabrics I have set aside for these.  Some may or may not turn into thread catchers (future Wednesday post).  Let me know what you think!


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