Supernova–Step 5–Quilting & Binding

Happy Sunday to You!

Today we are going to wrap up the quilting and binding of the Supernova quilt.  Instead of going through the full ‘how to’ on this quilt I thought I would direct you to the quilting and binding tutorials from the Paradigm Shift quilt for the step by step process.  For this quilt I want to reiterate some of the tips and tricks to quilting and binding.

Things to remember when quilting:

  • When you are stitching in the ditch you will want to remember to increase your stitch width on your sewing machine.  On my particular machine I will increase the stitch length from 3 to 3.5.stitch in the ditch
  • Likewise, keep your feed between your presser foot and your hands guiding steady. Too fast or too slow will increase and decrease stitch length.  This will ultimately lead to un-even quilting.

Here is a photo of the front and back of the quilt once the quilting process was complete.  As you can see I chose a simple grid pattern for this lap quilt.  Ultimately I wanted to highlight the blocks and not take away from them.


Things to remember when binding:

  • When binding remember to have a good 2-3’ of extra fabric if your measurements are askew.
  • I also like to wind mine up on an old ribbon spool which makes for easier assembly along the way.
  • It is okay to go slow. You want to have a straight binding with even lines.  Take your time.


Yea! We are done with the Supernova!  I hope you enjoyed this quilt as much as I did.  As will all of my quilts I thoroughly enjoy the process, but am excited and relieved when they are complete.  All I need to do now is wrap it up and ship it to my dad for his birthday on the 21st.  Deadline = met…whew!


What’s up next? Jenny’s baby quilt!  Check back next Sunday for the reveal!

Have a great rest of your weekend and just because it is the playoffs and I live in Denver….GO BRONCOS!


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