My Sunshine–Front Design–Stop Resisting and Start Creating.

I have spent the last week stitching, cutting, pressing and trimming dog ears.  Whew, this quilt has a lot of little blocks!  Are you guys as tired as I am? With that said, I decided that since my ultimate goal is a baby quilt that I have WAY too many squares for just one quilt.  I came to the conclusion that I will make one quilt for Jenny and then a second to put up for sale via my Etsy Shop.  Why not make one large quilt?  Well, you see I want this to be a quilt that can fit easily in a diaper bag and can be thrown down where ever and when ever needed.  The final dimensions of this quilt will be around 40” x 48”. 

Now, on to the front layout.  I am not going to lie, I’m struggling a little bit with this one.  You see I am one of those people with a type ‘A’ personality.  I like things with semblance, order, and most of all logic.  When I lay out these blocks I cannot find order and am having a hard time letting it go.  It is time to:

Stop resisting - start creating!  Btw: The workisnotajob. ladies just launched their new project supercraft to help you stay creative and make more!  Watch out for the launch of superwork too - COMING SOON!

Today I will ‘Stop Resisting & Start Creating’. Time to embrace the random!

Here is the initial setting of the blocks. I literally just placed them all up (no method in mind).  Can you feel how your eye is bouncing all over the place? Yeah, mine too.  At first I didn’t like it, but then I realized that it was the kaleidoscope affect at work.  I am going to embrace this new look and that the diamond center block pattern is the way to go.

I do think that it is worth mentioning that if you opted for the larger blocks, i.e. 5 strips per block then the kaleidoscope effect is minimized…Just something to keep in mind. Here is a photo of my Mom’s finished front. Same concept, but five per row cluster, not three.

Now about arranging….Here is the game plan I used: (hey..I’m still type ‘A’)

I placed all of the blocks up and then moved them around to make sure no two like blocks are next to each other. After that was done I took a step back and let my eyes un-focus. Yes, un-focus. This way I could see any major color patterns. Mostly what I was looking for were clumps of the dark green or dark pink.  If any existed I rearranged a little.  Here are the final layouts of the two quilts. What do you think? (I think I’ve learned my lesson about taking photos at night. They just don’t turn out so good…noted.)

Next week, let’s put these baby’s together! Get ready to pin & match points!

Have a great day tomorrow!



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