Check it out! My new craft table, for under $170!

If you follow my blog regularly I’m sure you’ve noticed that many of my photos also feature a nifty gray utility table.  I bought it a little over a year ago knowing that it was only temporary.  I searched and searched Pinterest looking for an economical solution.  As I am sure you are aware there are a gazillion options.  Here were my requirements:

  • MUST be economical. i.e. under $200
    • I researched options and man those buggers get expensive quick.
  • I needed to be able to assemble it.  I drive a hatchback…
  • Being the independent woman I am I did not want to have to rely on someone else to help me with this project.
    • This means no saws, or elaborate Home Depot equipment.
    • Likewise, I have no desire to paint. I wanted it to be pre-finished.
  • Obviously it needed to have storage and, of course, be stylish (perhaps I should move that to number 1)

Here’s what you will need:

  • 4 ClosetMaid Cubeicals.
    • 36hx24wx12d
    • I am 5’7” and wanted something that I could stand up straight at when cutting (remember, posture ladies…plus my chiropractor would have a hay day knowing I was spending nights hunched over that utility table…so please don’t tell him!)
    • Cost $34.99 each, $139.96 total
      • But WAIT! I am not representing Target, but I think you should know…If you have a red card (mine is tied to my checking account so it is really win/win) you will save an extra 5% and get FREE shipping on EVERYTHING.  I ordered these babies online and had them delivered to me for free. Just came home one day a Boom! there they were!
      • So really my cost w/o taxes was $132.96
  • 2 Linnmon Table Tops from IKEA.
    • 47 1/4” x 23 5/8”
    • This gave me the 4’x4’ square table I was looking for without having to figure out how to get a 4×4 piece of wood home in my hatchback.
    • The cost varies based on color; I chose plain white.
      • Side note: There is a super fun red high gloss option if you are feeling frisky!
    • $15.99 each, $31.98 total.
  • Screws ~$1.50
  • Liquid Nails ~$3.00

Total Cost: ~$169.44

After I charged up my trusty drill it was time to get started.

Step 1: Assemble all three cubicles per the instructions in the box.

Step 2: Pre drill holes in the top of the cubicles.  I went 1” in and 1” over from the edges, drilling 4 holes per side, 8 total. That’s 24 holes for all 3 cubicles

Step 3: Arrange the cubicles in the order you want. I placed mine in a large rectangle. Two directly back to back so I would have 6 large pass through cubbies and then flanked those with the other two. I used the backs from the long cubbie shelves to fill in the backs of the other two so you wouldn’t have to look through some holes and not others.

Step 4: I globbed lots of liquid nails onto the top of one 1/2 of the shelving units.  Careful, that stuff can get messy really quick!

Step 5: Place the IKEA table top on the shelves and press down.  Lay something heavy on top to create a good seal.

Step 6: Screw through your pre-drilled holes into the top of the table top (from the bottom.  i.e. up through the cubbies.)  Make sure your screws are long enough to get a good grip, but not so long they will go through the top of the shelves. 

Step 7: Repeat step 4-6 on the other side.

Step 8: Let the liquid nails set overnight.

Step 9: Enjoy!!!!

Here are some photos for you! (Sorry I didn’t take any in the process. If you have any questions, just ask) You may have noticed that this is the table I’ve been using to film my tutorials…way better thank gray (my opinion of course!) Can you see the Paradigm Shift Quilt next to one that my Grandma made? Winking smile  I’m sure you can spy fabrics for our future projects as well…


If you have any ideas for cute baskets please send them my way! Right now everything is a little willy-nilly.

Oh & YES a new disappearing 4-patch post will be up Saturday or Sunday! I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  42 blocks…holy bananas! That’s 8 seams per block or 336 seams total…not counting front assembly!


One thought on “Check it out! My new craft table, for under $170!

  1. Oh!! Love this idea!! Will be moving and I like the extra storage…. I have castor’s that lock and I think I will put them on the bottom so I can move it around….

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