Big, like the state of Texas, BIG announcements!

HI Everyone!

I’m am so excited that I get to share this news with you! Well I have two things…not that it is an excuse, but it is kind of why I have been MIA…WAIT! 3 things, oh my gosh so busy! First off let me tell you that I was selected way back in April to be a cutting corners instructor for Riley Blake Designs.  Well today my post was published!

You can check it out here: Broken Dishes, A PreCut Tutorial

Broken Dishes Quilt

Please tell me what you think; I’m pretty excited about the technique I came up with for the post.  In this day and age of Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest it is hard to sit down and think of how to do something better…(at least I haven’t seen this method for broken dishes before)

With that comes announcement #2!  In September I started my very own online fabric store called The Clever Quilt Shoppe.  We specialize in precut fabrics and yes the fabric (Just Dreamy 2) I used in the tutorial is available as well as many other ‘squares’ to choose from.  Don’t think I didn’t forget about my loyal followers…here is a free shipping code (psst…I’m not setting to expire…just for you…): CleverThanks 

As in THANKS for being such a great group of fellow quilters!

Finally the really really big news is that I’m moving! I am going to be sad to leave Denver, but sometimes jobs require relocation and that is what is happening.  Where am I going? Have all y’all ever been to Dallas? Yep I’m moving to the Big D.  Truth be told I’m pretty excited…better weather (in my opinion…I like it hot), friendly people (seriously, everyone I’ve met in Texas has been nothing but super nice), and well it really is a quilter’s mecca, right?

I do, however, need something from you.  I would love to know your favorite quilt stores, clubs, etc. in the DFW area. Heck, I’ll take suggestions on restaurants, where to live (work is in Richardson), anything really. While I’m at it tell me what you think of the store too. I’m doing it as a side gig so I’m trying to get fabric in and up as quickly as possible.

I also have 2 more quilt tutorials coming..a window pane quilt and a disappearing 9-patch quilt…and man I think they are super cute!