Quilt Tutorials

Houndstooth – PreCut Style


Pre-Cut Donut Quilt

PreCut Donut Quilt

Stacker / Layer Cake Stripe Quilt

Quilt Final2

Disappearing 9-Patch (It’s a hoot!)

Final Quilt

No Stress Window Pane Quilt

No-Stress Window Pane Baby Quilt! Create Along - www.notmygrandmasquilts.com

Broken Dishes Quilt for Riley Blake Designs

Broken Dishes Quilt

Quick Batik Jelly Roll Quilt


Falling Charms Quilt

Disappearing 4-Patch

Final Disappearing 4-Patch













Life in the Jungle – Jelly Roll Race Baby Quilt for Audra’s New Bambino



My Sunshine – Baby Quilt for Jenny’s New Bambina

My Sunshine Baby Quilt


17 thoughts on “Quilt Tutorials

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    • Hi! Most definitely. There should be one for the paradigm shift in the last step. I work along with you so the supernova quilt isn’t finished yet, but there will be one up as soon as it is complete. I will add the paradigm shift quilt to the gallery tonight if that helps? 🙂

      Okay, now I see what your asking. Yes I will upload them on this page tonight.

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    • Susan, my apologies, but when the author of the pattern asked me to pull the post I could only remove the Pinterest posts that I pinned. There are still some floating around and until I legally find out if I can post the tutorial it will remain off of the site. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • I love the black and white material that was posted in the pinterest post. Is it a “set” of fabrics by a particular designer? Can you give us info on sourcing those fabrics? Thanks.

      • Hi! Unfortunately it is not a set by a designer. I picked out coordinating black and white fat quarters at a local shop when I lived in Denver. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    • Hi Verna, per the message it had to be pulled due to a perceived copy-write issue. I actually have plans of re-releasing a new method soon, but it isn’t completed yet. Please stay tuned.

  7. You might want to change the pic because my whole coffee break was just spent in total frustration. Not good when you work in aviation safety. Have some consideration for all the other folks who need a break and go to their favorite place to relax. That was not!

    • I apologize for your frustration. One small downfall with Pinterest is once a picture is out there and moving it is very hard to take down. As soon as the new tutorial is up the old posts will be replaced but until then my apologies.

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